A New Color, Marlene Morris
A Photographer’s Journey, Raymond Telles
Alice Walker, Beauty in Truth, Pratibha Parmar
BAMAKO CHIC: Threads of Power, Color & Culture, Maureen Gosling
Barbara Dane: On My Way, Nina Menendez
Buchla, Gregory Scharpen
El Poeta, Katie Galloway/Kelly Duane de la Vega
Les Blank: A Quiet Revelation, Harrod Blank/Gina Leibrecht   **Saul Zaentz Award**
Mind/Game: The Unquiet Journey of Chamique Holdsclaw, Rick Goldsmith
My Love Affair with the Brain: The Life and Science of Dr. Marian Diamond, Catherine Ryan and Gary Weimberg  **Saul Zaentz Award**
Moody Suzy, David Telles
One Voice, Mark DeSaulnier
Regarding Susan Sontag, Nancy Kates
Roots and Wings, Aarin Burch
Santos, Ashley James and Kathryn Golden
Setting the Word on Fire, David Brown
Sign My Name to Freedom, Bryan Gibel  **Saul Zaentz Award**
Sheila E.
Jennifer Steinman Sternin
Song for Cesar, Andres Alegria
Telos, Kyung Lee
The Imagination of Jeremy Blake, Dan Krauss
This Ain’t No Mouse Music, Maureen Gosling/Chris Simon
The Whistleblower of My Lai, Connie Field
Worlds of Ursula K. LeGuin, Arwen Curry 


A Song of Unity, Marilyn Mulford/Aleixo Goncalves
American Justice on Trial: People v. Newton, Lise Pearlman  *Al Bendich Award Winner*
Archeology of Memory:Villa Grimaldi, Marilyn Mulford
Belly of the Beast, Erika Cohn
Better this World, Katie Gallaway/Kelly Duane de la Vega
Between Two Worlds, Deborah Kaufman/Alan Snitow
Black Mothers, Debora Souza Silva
Buenos Aires 1997: Awakening from Sorrow, Karina Epperlein/John Knoop
Case 993, Shareef Nasir   *Al Bendich Award Winner*
Crip Camp, Jim LeBrecht
City of Borders, Yun Suh
Diary from the Ashes, Yoav Potash
4 Wheel Bob, Tal Skloot
Framed, Cassandra Herrman
In the Image, Judith Montell/Emmy Scharlatt   **Saul Zaentz Award**
Jihab Rehab, Meg Smaker
Martin Luther King in Palestine, Connie Field
No Word for Autism, Rachel Antell
Our Summer in Tehran, Justine Shapiro
Still I Rise, Sheri Shuster
Striped for Parts, Rick Goldsmith
Sweet Dreams, Lisa Fruchtman   **Saul Zaentz Award**
The Barber of Birmingham, Robin Fryday
The Boys Who Said No, Lee Swenson
The Long Shadow, Jed Riffe
The Mouse That Roared, Judith Ehrlich
The Secret Fatwa, Delnaz Abadi
The Unwanted, Mark Oltmanns
The Village of Peace, Benjamin Schuder
TRIUMPH AND TRAGEDY: The Life of Booker T. Washington, Avon Kirkland
Untitled, Rodrigo Reyes   **Saul Zaentz Award**
Untitled Dwarfism Project, Julie F. Wyman
Untitled Reality Winner, Sonia Kennebeck/Ines Hofmann Kanna
Voyagers, Sam Ellison
Wartime Projections, Bill Kinder
We Became Fragments, Lacy Jane Roberts


American Dreamers, Marlene Morris
Company Town
, Snitow-Kaufman Productions
Dogtown Redemption: In Trash We Trust, Amir Soltani
Exiled: America’s Deported Veterans, Mike Seely
The First Angry Man, Jason Cohn
Home Is A Hotel, Kevin Wong
Inequality for All , Jacob Kornbluth**Saul Zaentz Award**
Life After Life, Tamara Perkins
Navigating The Divide, Rebekah Fergusson
Nuns on the Bus, Melissa Regan
On Her Own, Morgan Schmidt-Feng
The Pushouts, Dawn Valadez **Al Bendich Award**
Riding My Way Back, Robin Fryday
Skin of Glass, Denise Zmekhol
The Surrender of Waymond Hall, Jane Greenberg
The Waiting Room, Peter Nicks
We Are Kids, Robin Fryday
Weed Dreams, Mathew Ramirez Warren
Welcome to the Neighborhood, Pam Uzzell


A Place to Breathe, Michelle Grace Steinberg
Angel Azul
, Marcy Cravat
Children of the Amazon, Denise Zmekhol
Come Hell or High Water: The Battle for Turkey Creek, Leah Mahan
Google Earth Hero: Chief Almir and the Surui Tribe of Amazon, Denise Zmekhol
GERM WARS, Jed Riffe
Ghost Bird, Scott Crocker
Losing Sacred Ground, Toby McLeod
Rodents of Unusual Size, Quinn Costello
The Sacred and the Snake, Sara Lafleur-Vetter **Saul Zaentz Award Winner**
Troubled Water, Rick Tejada-Flores
Wilder than Wild, Stephen Most


Hoodie, Johnny Symons
In Case of You, Haley Seppa
No Straight Lines
, Vivian Kleiman
The Heretics, Crescent Diamond
The Night Minister, Robert James
Quba, Kim Anno
Real Boy, Shaleece Haas
Through the Windows, Bret Parker
Truth Takes Time, Arielle Elizabeth (Krnich)


A Midsummer Nightmare:  The Betrayal, L. Jeffrey Moore
Don’t Be A Hero, Peter Li-Pan Lee
Drone, Sean Buckelew
Games People Play, Tory Stanton
Goatherder, Joel Pincosy
The Gold Fish Casino, Sarolta Cump
Life and the Lady, Michelantony Dunston
The North Pole, Yvan Iturriaga
The North Pole 2, Yvan Iturriaga
Water City, Berkeley, Kim Anno
Witness 11, Sean Mitchell


A Fragile Trust, Samantha Grant
Capture a Legacy, Marsha Mather-Thrift
Finding the Gold Within, Karina Epperlein
Ghost Town to Havana, Eugene Corr
Giap’s Last Day at the Ironing Factory, Tony Nguyen
Geographies of Kinship: The Korean Adoption Story, Deann Borshay Liem
Home Yet So Far Away, Sabereh Kashi
LIFE INTERRUPTED: Telling Breast Cancer Stories, Paula Mozen
Mind/Game: The Unquiet Journey of Chamique Holdsclaw, Rick Goldsmith
My Bolivia–Remembering what I never knew, Rick Tejada-Flores
My Name is Andrea, Pratibha Parmar
The Musical Legacy of Sheila E., Jennifer Steinman
Vanishing Chinatown: The May’s Photo Studio, Emiko Omori/Lydia Tanji
White Highlands, Daphne Matziaraki


Come And Take It, Ellen Spiro
Disturbing School, Garrett Zevgetis, Ariana Garfinkel
Finding the Gold Within
, Karina Epperlein
Futbolistas 4 Life, Jun Stinson
F-R-E-E, Suzanne LaFetra/David Collier
Ghost Town to Havana, Eugene Corr
Last Days of Paradise High, Emily Thomas
Lunch Love Community, Helen De Michiel
Romeo is Bleeding, Jason Zeldes / Michael Klein
Without A Net, Kelly J. Richardson


A Confused War, Mariel Waloff
A New Color, Marlene Morris
Anarkali Blossoms, Samina Hitch
Angel For Hire, Mary K. Flynn/Nina Goodby
The Battle Over Thompson Divide, Dorothy Atkins
Beacon, Isara Krieger
Bless You, Alia Lundy
Breathless, Anaiis K. Cisco
Buddhist Bin Laden, Emily Gibson
Forced, Nani Walker
Gryl, Anaiis K. Cisco
Hale, Bradford Bailey
Half Full, Emily Bender
Home, Ryan Lee
Homeless Beat, Mark Kurlyandchik
How To Make A Pearl, Jason Hanasik
I Take A Long Nap on the White River, Yuhe Yao
In Case of You, Haley Seppa
Irse, J.P. Dobrin
It’s Been a Great Ride, Deborah Craig
La Bamba 2:  Hell Is A Drag, Rob Fatal
Losing Oakland, Alsanosi Adam
Maelstorm, Juhee So
Melting Glaciers, Deadly Lakes, Sally Schilling & Andra Cernavskis
Moll, Simona Schneider
No One But Lydia, Rob Richert
Oasis, Sara Lafleur-Vetterr / Niema Jordan
Objector, Molly Stuart
Ore Wa Neko Da, Gina Moreno and Kevin Lawrence
Paparon, Romin Lee Johnson
Performing Girl, Crescent Diamond
Possessed, Kayo Gorden
Pot Country, Kate McLean
Samba Funk, Nikki Sonfield
Sonsplitter, Daniel Chein
The Search, Melina Tupa
Sonsplitter, Daniel Chein
The Blind Captain, Sarahbeth Maney
The Maze, Serginho Roosblad
The Surge, John Hyatt
XRAYSPEX, Lovage Sharrock
Vacant Seat, Adam Grossberg
Water Town, Maya Craig
Work Progressed
, Nicolas Collins
Your Number’s Up, Natalya Sharapova
Zora, Leah Dubuc