Bryan Gibel, Director / Producer | A.K. Sandhu, Producer, Sign My Name to Freedom


Shareef Nasir, Director | Dana Nachman, Producer, Case 993

Andres Alegria, Director / Producer | Abel Sanchez, Director / Producer, Song for Cesar *
Denise Zmekhol, Director / Producer | Amir Soltani, Co-Producer, Skin of Glass
Ellen Spiro, Come And Take It
Jed Riffe, Producer | Frances Causey, Director, The Long Shadow
Johnny Symons, Director / Producer | Kenyon Symons-Rogers, Director | Daniel Chein, Co-Producer, Hoodie
Lacy Jane Roberts, Co-Director | Luisa Conlon, Hanna Miller, Co-Directors, We Became Fragments
Lee Swenson, Producer | Judith Ehrlich, Director | Christopher Jones, Producer, The Boys Who Said No
Mark DeSaulnier, Producer | Spencer Wilkinson, Director, One Voice
Mark Oltmanns, Director | Jason Motlagh, Co-Director, The Unwanted
Mathew Ramirez Warren, Director / Producer, Weed Dreams
Meg Smaker Director / Producer | Bryan Storkel, Producer | Abigail Disney, Executive Producer, Jihab Rehab
Nina Menendez, Producer | Maureen Gosling, Director | Jed Riffe, Producer, Barbara Dane: On My Way
Rick Tejada-Flores, Producer | Will Parrinello, Director, Troubled Water *
Robin Fryday, Director / Producer, We Are Kids
Sean Buckelew, Director | Jeanette Bonds, Producer, Drone
Stephen Most, Producer | Kevin White, Director, Wilder than Wild
Yoav Potash, Director / Producer | Brad Marshland, Producer, Diary from the Ashes

* Thank you to the City of Emeryville for supporting these Emeryville filmmakers.


Anaiis K. Cisco, Gryl
Daniel Chein, Sonsplitter
Juhee So | Russell Kiel, Producer, Maelstorm
Lovage Sharrock, XRAYSPEX
Nani Walker | Grace Oyenubi, Director / Producer, Forced
Natalya Sharapova, Your Number’s Up
Serginho Roosblad, The Maze

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