ONE VOICE: The Story of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir. Directed by Spencer Wilkinson
One Voice” illuminates a group of people from diverse faiths, races, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, and lifestyles, all with a common goal: to bring joy and inspiration to the stage through black gospel music. In the midst of a country that still finds itself grappling with issues of race, gender equality, and intolerance, a group in Oakland, California, continues the rich historical tradition of using music to promote peace, love, and acceptance.

THE MAZE. Directed by Serginho Roosblad
“The Maze” explores the historical, cultural, and environmental impact surrounding of the MacArthur Maze freeway interchange in Oakland. From Ohlone shellmounds to homeless communities in West Oakland, this film examines how the convergence of four distinct landscapes — a state park, a shopping mall, a neighborhood, and a port – came to be and how they each represent a part of the history of the San Francisco East Bay Area.